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  1. Greetings from Utrecht

    07 Aug 2018

    I’ve made this one-off-a-kind album with hyper-idealistic-tourists-postcards. I bought 16 postcards for €5,00. Then stitched them together back on back and bound all into a four hole Japanese style stab-binding. Finally I painted the blue skies on the postcards white. Only during heatwaves the sky is red.

  2. Clouds of Empty Letters over the Horizon.

    20 Jul 2018

    Clouds of Empty Letters over the Horizon. Showing a few pages of the book with acrylic paintings, monotypes, laser prints, collages with vintage envelopes and teared off corners of postcards.

  3. Starship Pt.1

    17 Feb 2018

  4. Car Paint

    27 Dec 2017

    Digital painting of a vintage BMW3000 in four variations.

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