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  1. Woodland

    24 Oct 2018

  2. Botanical I to VII

    18 Sep 2018

    Botanical VII - From a series of 7 composites of drawings and photography.

  3. Rock, cage, vision and false

    24 Aug 2018

    Pages from a sketchbook showing transforming symbols – Rock, cage, vision and false.

  4. Under the Sun

    29 Jul 2018

    I made “Under the Sun” during the all records breaking heatwave of the last week in July 2018. Under these circumstances all kind of visions and creatures appeared from under my brush. It was that hot. [Ink and gouache on paper]

  5. Dormant Land (continued)

    14 Mar 2018

    A book about that barren land on where the urbanisation, indifference and foolhardiness the nature is transforming into an asphalt puddle The softcover papers are made from farming waste, the kozo endpapers are sumi-e painted, the 48 printed pages are on recycled paper, bound with metal clip and thread stitched enforced corners, measuring 205 x…

  6. Dormant Land

    05 Mar 2018

    Pictures from a work in progress, for the upcoming book “Dormant Land”. Shown are buildings showing through the fog, a Sumi-e minimal landscape drawing, the first dummy and second dummy.

  7. Track in the Snow

    02 Mar 2018

    [single edition in private collection] Track in the snow, walking without a trace. A multimedia collage book. Handmade and bound in a Japanese style stab binding.

  8. Pigonomics

    09 Dec 2017

    In this eight times up-speeded recording, I’m drawing “Pigonomics” to my sketchbook to keep this idea and theme for later use.

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