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  1. Clouds of Empty Letters over the Horizon.

    20 Jul 2018

    Clouds of Empty Letters over the Horizon. Showing a few pages of the book with acrylic paintings, monotypes, laser prints, collages with vintage envelopes and teared off corners of postcards.

  2. Avatar

    18 Jun 2018

    There are many words and many interpretations for describing the human appearance. Descriptions for alter egos, incarnations, the human form, the images in the flesh, a personification, an impersonation or computerized avatar. All portray a surface but not the soul.I've coloured the pages with black-blue fountain pen ink. The page numbers are stamped…

  3. Track in the Snow

    02 Mar 2018

    [single edition in private collection] Track in the snow, walking without a trace. A multimedia collage book. Handmade and bound in a Japanese style stab binding.

  4. Starship Pt.1

    17 Feb 2018

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