Resumé Pt.2

Some detail pictures of the “Resumé” book. Hand-bound over pink-orange dyed cloth ribbons. The signatures are sewn with orange thread and the photo’s are from my greenhouse archive. These are laser-printed over postcards of Albrecht Dürer’s alphabet, and stitched back to back together with a Singer from 1910. The poem is rubber stamped. 

Dorothy Parker was a master of the alphabet and sharp like a cactus to defense herself.

Preto 5

With contributions from Anna Block [Russia], Cato Lein [Sweden] and Emi Anrakuji [Japan] Preto likes to present, meet and connect photographers in this unravelling photo magazine. It is showing a mixture based on the pictures (kindly made available by the photographers) into a new surprising story. In this sense Preto is not a portfolio. There is no theme or text inside, the images and their juxtapositions on page tell the story to the reader on their own.

Preto issue #5-2018, 40 pages, Dimensions: 170 x 240 mm. Published by: The Unknown Books, Graphic Design: Peter Oey, You can find your copy here: Preto 5 by TUB/Preto Books, Infos:

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