Let’s Pollute

Let’s Pollute.

The unstoppable weekly pile of advertorial folders delivered on my doormat cut into a A6 booklet in a way to make some sense of them. 

Unstoppable advertorial mailings on the doormat? Not entirely. I can buy a sticker to stick on my letterbox with saying NO-NO to all unwanted direct-mails. But that’s the other way around, just stop making this polluting consumerism waste I suggest. 

Or am I mistaken and are these distributions a kind of history books?

Greetings from Utrecht Pt.2

I’ve made this album with hyper-idealistic-tourists-postcards. I bought 16 postcards for €5,00. Then stitched them together back on back and bound all into a four hole Japanese style stab-binding. Finally I painted the blue skies on the postcards white. Only during heatwaves the sky is red.

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